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We consider bilingual education essential to development. Through this we promote language skills, thought and social development.

We continue the process started at previous educational levels through the following strategies:

Five hours of English classes per week:
Practicing the four basic skills for developing competencies proposed by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), and based on strategies laid out by the University of Cambridge for certification across different levels.

Cultural talks:
A space for expression where students speak English, practice language skills and strengthen critical thinking by way of research, analysis, discussion and reflection on topics important to adolescents.

English activities in the curriculum:
Activities in English, in the subjects of each grade , give our students the opportunity to use the second language.

Cultural activities:
Experiences abroad through group programs or an academic semester or year abroad.

English Tlaslation / English Literature:
After becoming certified as fluent in English, students can continue to perfect their second language.

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Extracurricular activities