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CIH Focus on Youth

We focus exclusively on adolescents as we consider this stage of life to be fundamental in forming each human being. It is here where our students strengthen cognitive, emotional and physical abilities that enable a smooth transition to adulthood.


Take responsibility

My actions speak to who I am. In the CIH community, we’re convinced that in order to orient our youth and teach them to accept responsibility for the paths their lives take, it is essential that students, family and school work together. The responsibility of each person is reached through a commitment made by all.


Be a citizen of the world

I’m not a single, isolated person; I’m part of an interconnected global village. We position our students to face the global reality where communicating in different languages in crucial. This is why English is our official second language. We ensure that students are conscious that local actions have global impact.

At the same time, the latest computer applications and software give our students access to numerous possibilities for managing information and eliminating barriers to continue learning.


Think before acting

I explore possibilities to find what is best for me and others. At CIH, our disciplinary model is a pillar of our educational program. We base discipline on responsibility that takes into account prevention, intervention and resolution. From this starting point, our commitment is to teach each student to understand the reasons behind limits and the positive and negative consequences of their actions. We encourage students to visualize their actions and correct their behavior when these actions affect other students. At our school, learning how to make decisions is fundamental.


Recognize the virtue in being and doing

As I become myself, I’m able to achieve things I never thought possible. As teachers, we take on the work of motivating students. We nurture the desire to learn and the joy of shared learning as well as the transfer of information that goes beyond the school context. It’s essential for students to be competent in their lives.


Democráticos, promotores activos de la paz, que aprovechan el conflicto positivamente.

Democratic, active promoters of peace who take advantage of conflict to act positively. From our perspective, it’s not a problem if there’s a solution. We’re a community that educates about and for peace. We recognize that conflict is an inherent reality and inseparable from human interaction. We use this to learn to get to know ourselves and others.

Our goal is for students to visualize cooperation and support as sources of growth and mutual enrichment. We believe that each of us has endless possibilities for ways to transform our lives and that dialogue is the tool that all people have in common to make this possible.

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