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A lifetime investment?

A lifetime investment?

Following a six-year model, we foster complete mastery of Spanish and English, as well as the use of computer applications and software tools to a high level of proficiency. We teach students on how to manage information and communication critically and responsibly.

Our commitment is to forming people capable of knowing themselves and interacting and collaborating with others as protagonists in their lives. Our emphasis is on teaching students to accept responsibility for where they want to take their lives and who they want to be. Our commitment is to transform young minds into agents for change in our society.

This takes place in a community where the student-teacher ratio is six students for every teacher. This allows for comprehensive mentoring and continual follow-up with each student as needed.

This makes for well-rounded young graduates who are in charge of their lives.

35 years of educational work continues.

The School We Are Today

In celebration of our 25th anniversary, we wanted to do something special to convey the essence of our learning-centered community. We wanted something substantial and lasting to reflect our commitment and work. From this sprang forth the book “The School We Are Today”, a collaborative effort involving members of our community. This piece reflects who we are today:
a bona fide learning community.

We are still as enthusiastic as when we began and continue to learn in order to provide our students and society with a transformative space for all.

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