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Why CIH (Hidalgo English School) for my child’s education?


• We are an educational community with more than 30 years experience, committed to and focused on educating adolescents.

• We believe in collaboration among families and the school.

• We are a specialized space dedicated to adolescents. We understand the challenges involved in adapting to a new educational stage.

• Our curriculum is created through a detailed and innovative process.

• We deal with students on a one-on-one basis.

• In our community, we stress academic training, emotional education, and the ability to interact with other students and members of society. We strive for students to be the best possible version of themselves.

CIH Focus on Youth

We focus exclusively on adolescents as we consider this stage of life to be fundamental in forming each human being. It is here where our students strengthen cognitive, emotional and physical abilities that enable a smooth transition to adulthood

Take responsibility

My actions speak to who I am. In the CIH community, we’re convinced that in order to orient our youth and teach them to accept responsibility for the paths their lives take...

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Think before acting

I explore possibilities to find what is best for me and others. At CIH, our disciplinary model is a pillar of our educational program...

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Be a citizen of the world

I’m not a single, isolated person; I’m part of an interconnected global village. We position our students to face the global reality where communicating in different languages in crucial...

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Recognize the virtue in being and doing

As I become myself, I’m able to achieve things I never thought possible. As teachers, we take on the work of motivating students. We nurture the desire to learn and the joy of shared learning as well as the transfer of information that goes beyond the school context. It’s essential for students to be competent in their lives...

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